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The one that started it all. Elbow Grease Original is the oldest sexual lubricant on the market today! The Original formula hit the market in 1979. Elbow Grease Original is a mineral oil based thick cream lubricant. Its viscosity is exquisite. The Original formula has been a favorite for years and continues to exceed all expectations as a best seller! Elbow Grease Original is a safe, long-lasting premium lubricant specifically designed to enhance your sensual experience.

Elbow Grease Creams should only be used with polyurethane condoms.

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Elbow Grease FUSION - A premium silicon-based lube. By the specical mixture a long-lasting friction, other than other silicon-based lubes. Dont sticky and gluey. A 100% pur silicone-. Latext-compatible and condom-safe.

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